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What we do

We specialize in providing services to other organizations, including transport of cargo or personnel, data transfer and storage, security, escort, logistical support, and more. If you need extra personnel or ships to support your operations, or if you need a job done but don’t necessarily want your organization’s name or assets associated with it, we can help.

Discretion: our corporate philosophy comes down to that single word. We do not believe in flashy paint jobs or fancy logos. We don’t threaten or intimidate. We do not talk the talk: we simply walk the walk.


Where other companies may transport goods in large convoys or gleaming ships emblazoned with corporate logos, DeltaCon prefers a lower-key approach using ships that aren’t likely to attract any undue attention. When security is the mission, DeltaCon believes in using the right ship for the job crewed by skilled personnel. Simple. There are no fancy liveries, no ostentatious logos, no trash-talking pilots.


Delta Consulting Aviation Products (DCAP) is our newest division, specializing in charting landing zones and stations, providing information on services available at those locations, and other products such as ship checklists, technical manuals, navigational charts, and other support documents. Click here to view our available products.

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2001 Chambers Street, Suite 42

New York, New York, 10007

Earth, Sol

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At A Glance…


Our small but diverse fleet provides tremendous flexibility for operations. Why use a Hull-C when a Caterpillar would do? Are Freelancers common in the areas where you intend to operate? Using one might be a good choice to avoid attracting attention. Need to deliver time-sensitive information? We’ve got you covered there too.

Our specialists can help you decide the best approach, and then carry it out simply and efficiently.


exploration and reconnaissance

Do you have a lead on a new star system and want support for exploration? Our exploration-focused ships can help. Or maybe you want some extra eyes for your convoy.

Whatever your needs may be, we have a solution that fits.



Need some protection for your mining or cargo operations? Our diverse fleet can fulfill your small-scale needs or supplement your existing forces.

We also have specialists available for shipboard security or as additional support for ground operations.


putting it all together

We can provide our services individually, or as part of a comprehensive package to support your organization’s operations.

If you need a cargo vessel, escorts, and a recon ship, we can provide some or all of those assets depending on your desires and price point.

Contact one of our representatives for information on assets, services, and pricing.


Our personnel arrived safely and on time. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother operation.
— Constantine Hurston, Hurston Dynamics

"Dependable and efficient. Overall an enormous asset to our operations."

- Cmdr william shaw, uee naval logistics office

Perfectly discrete and unobtrusive. If you need it done quietly, use these guys.
— Anonymous Corporate Customer


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