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Following nearly 14 years of service in the UEE Navy and Intelligence services, the founder of Delta Consulting, known publicly by his military operating initials “Delta Lima,” decided to fill a need he saw in small-scale security and transportation services.

Using a simple business philosophy and a small group of skilled and dedicated professionals, DeltaCon has carved out a small but profitable niche transporting cargo and VIPs, as well as providing discreet security services for various diverse organizations including financial institutions, R&D companies, manufacturers, scientific researchers, medical providers, and the UEE military itself. DeltaCon has also recently expanded into data security and transport, one of the fastest-growing areas of concern for businesses of all types.

Our new subsidiary business, Delta Consulting Aviation Products (DCAP) specializes in developing procedures and documentation for air navigation and air traffic control services as well as shipboard operational needs.

Entering its third year of operation, DeltaCon maintains a small but diverse fleet and a list of satisfied clients. Although Delta Consulting does not disclose its client list, rest assured that its customers will attest to DeltaCon’s effectiveness.

The growing Vanduul threat, continuing expansion of UEE space, and increasing political and commercial engagement with other species ensures a profitable future for Delta Consulting.

Located on Church Street in Lower Manhattan, New York City, New York, Earth, Sol, Delta Consulting’s corporate headquarters is in the heart of one of the most historically significant cities in the UEE. Being close to the seat of UEE power provides easy access to the major players in UEE government as well as diplomats and other officials from all over the UEE and beyond.